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Pet Spotlight Winners

Meet Walter Raymond Peak

Walter has changed my life. He has taught me how to truly love another being. I have never had a dog of my own and I do not have kids so this was a challenge right from the start. I want Walter to be the happiest he can be with all the love and support…

Meet Gloria

What does Gloria mean to you? Gloria is our pet pig. She is best friends with our last chicken. She is fun to have around on the farm. We look forward to seeing her when we have to do our chores. What makes Gloria special? Gloria is special because she is an amazing pig! Her…

Meet Annie

A Boxer belonging to Hana Knight.  We treat your pets as if they were our own and want you to be part of our family!  

Meet Gus

Meet Link

Meet Mikey

Meet Nubs

Meet Brekka

Meet Tilly

Meet Chip

Get to know us a little better

The Animal Clinic and Hospital is a full service veterinary clinic located at 1222 S. Logan in Moscow, ID.  As the oldest practice in Moscow, we have a strong reputation of providing quality, compassionate care to this community.   Our multi-doctor practice has a team of veterinarians and support staff who pride themselves in working together for you and your pets.  Experience and doctor interaction ensure that even the most complicated cases can be worked up and discussed to find the best  treatment options.  Our facility and equipment are state of the art and we offer many diagnostic and surgical procedures that are often found only at referral clinics.

We treat your pets as if they were our own and want you to be part of our family!