Preferred Client Rewards Membership
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Preferred Client Program rewards you for giving your pets the best chance at living a long and healthy life. We developed this rewarding membership plan to unleash the savings, build cash back, and supports a great cause.

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  • Do my points apply towards all the pets on my account?
    Yes, you can use the points you earn with all your pets and supplies.
  • What do I receive with my membership?
    Each member receives 2 free exams, one free nail trim ($121 value) and 10% back from all purchases to go towards reward points. The price of the membership does not earn points.
  • Can I use my free exams or nail trims on the day I purchased the card?
    Yes, you can. Just be sure to mention to the receptionist that you are planning to use your free exam or nail trim at the time of service.
  • How and when can I earn my reward points?
    Reward points can only be earned on balances paid at the time of service. You cannot redeem reward points at the same time as you earn them. Rewards points cannot be put towards prior balances. Just be sure to present your card or let the receptionist know you plan to use your reward points. Rewards points can be earned on both services and inventory items paid for at the time of service.
  • When can I use my two free exams?
    The exam can be applied toward a full office call and examination or towards a recheck exam. If you are bringing two animals in and are going to be charged a multiple pet examination, you can choose to use both of your wellness exams on the two animals, pay for a full examination for one animal and receive a free exam for the second animal, or choose to save your free exams and pay for a multiple pet examination. It is up to you to decide when to use the examination but we recommend considering the cost of the free exam and the recheck in order to get the full benefit from your membership.


  • Can I earn rewards in addition to taking advantage of a monthly special? (ie 10% off dentals, etc)
    Unless specified, no you cannot. You can earn rewards towards other services but must pay full price in order to do so. Occasionally we may have a special that rewards points can be earned at the same time as.


  • How long is my membership good for?
    A membership is good for one year. At the end of the year you will need to re-enroll in order to stay active. Reward points can be carried over into the next year with a renewed membership.